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“E-house” in 2005 introduced to Serbia and South East Europe one of the most modern dry construction systems of the “fertighaus” world, thanks to which we have the opportunity to offer prefabricated, ready-made houses of the last generation to the market.

We produce the houses according to the technology of the German manufacturers Lehner haus according to the system of wooden boards, entire wall panels from the elements “Holztafelbauweise” according to DIN 1052 in the latest version. We supply fully prefabricated elements up to 13 m in length, exterior and interior walls with built-in carpentry, installation openings, installed facades, ready-made interior wall cladding, as well as entire floor and roof structures with all thelayers factory-installed.

E-House meets the current highest European standards, and we already have products that will be the norm in the EU countries from 2020. onwards. All materials we use in production are imported from Austria and Germany, attested to EU standards by the leading institutes of the countries of origin. Thanks to the origin of materials from the EU, during exports E-house is followed by the EUR 1 document as an evidence that the goods are of European origin, although they were produced in Serbia.The business of E-house is predominantly focused on exports to the countries of Europe, with the delivery of individually designed houses to a maximum of four floors. Besides that, we also produce dual houses, row houses, kindergartens and schools.

The motto of the E-House stands for a European, ecological, ENERGY low-cost / PASSIVE house. Each of our houses is followed by static calculations done by our engineering bureau in Germany, as well as ENERGY balance by EnEV 2014. with an energy passport, recognized by competent authorities in European countries.

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